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Gargi Maheshwari Handwoven Saree

Gargi Maheshwari Handwoven Saree

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Enhance your festive attire with the timeless elegance of the Classic Gargi Maheshwari saree. Crafted in luxurious Maheshwari silk, its traditional golden border exudes sophistication. Effortlessly pair it with delicate jewelry and high heels for chic versatility. Meticulously handcrafted by local artisans, each stitch preserves rich family legacies.

Embrace the opulent charm of this pure Maheshwari silk saree, noting its unique variations for a truly one-of-a-kind purchase. For lasting beauty, dry-clean only. This saree transforms any ensemble, making a bold statement for any event or celebration.

Each Maheshwari silk saree exemplifies Indian craftsmanship and artistry, perfect for showcasing its signature golden border. Crafted with passion and pride, it reflects rich family legacies and centuries-old traditions.

Experience the timeless allure of Indian heritage with this classic saree, originating from Madhya Pradesh. Opt for dry-cleaning to maintain its elegance, ensuring years of enjoyment as part of your festive attire collection.

Material: Maheshwari Silk
Color: Green and Red
Length: 5.5 meters + 0.8 meters (Blouse)
Occasion: Any festival, whether ethnic, traditional, or formal
Craft: Maheshwari
Origin: Madhya Pradesh
Care: Dry Clean Only

Customer Reviews

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Bina Das

I ordered a silk saree, and it came a shown in the picture, and the fabric is just awsome. I loved it, and I"ll shop again.

Beautiful Saree. Loved it.

Beautiful Saree. Loved it.

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