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Binal Maheshwari Handwoven Saree

Binal Maheshwari Handwoven Saree

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Crafted from sumptuous Maheshwari silk fabric, this saree envelops you in luxuriousness and sophistication from the moment it drapes over your skin.

Each Binal Maheshwari silk saree is a labor of love, meticulously hand-loomed using age-old techniques passed down through generations. From intricate motifs that adorn its surface to refined weaves that imbue it with character, every aspect of this saree pays homage to India's rich handloom traditions.

Radiating timeless beauty and grace, Binal Maheshwari silk sarees are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, or cultural celebrations, bestowing upon the wearer an unmatched sense of grandeur and sophistication. Their rich texture and intricate detailing elevate any ensemble, infusing it with an aura of regal elegance.

Material: Maheshwari Silk
Color: Orange Peach
Length: 5.5 meters + 0.8 meter blouse
Craft: Maheshwari
Origin: Madhya Pradesh
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

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