Shop Authentic Ajrakh Sarees Online - Ultimate Guide

Shop Authentic Ajrakh Sarees Online - Ultimate Guide

Shop Authentic Ajrakh Sarees Online - Ultimate Guide

Introduction: A brief overview of Ajrakh print:

The Ajrakh print, a traditional Indian block printing technique, is a vibrant explosion of colors on fabric, originating from the Arabic word for blue, "azrak." This process involves carving blocks and using dye to create intricate patterns reflecting the region's culture and stories.

Origin of Ajrakh print:
 About 100 families in Gujarat’s Ajrakhpur and Kutch keep this tradition alive today, while several innovative small businesses showcase Ajrakh kurtas, stoles, and sarees through the Amazon Karigar program on The term Ajrakh comes from the Arabic word Azrak, which means blue—one of the most commonly used colors in Ajrakh printing. A water-intensive, 16-day process of resist printing, dyeing, washing, and printing gives Ajrakh its vibrant spectrum of colors. 

What makes Ajrak unique?

Artisans soak scrap iron, jaggery, and tamarind in water for two weeks. This solution is then cooked over a fire to create the black dye for Ajrakh. During the summer, the dyes expand the pores of the fabric, making it easy for air to pass through. 

How are Ajrak sarees made?

The heart of Ajrak block printing lies in the resist dyeing technique, combining natural dyes and resist paste to create stunning patterns on fabrics. The fabric is washed, soaked in castor oil and camel dung, and then carved onto wooden blocks, then stamped onto the fabric, preserving color. 

What materials are used in the printing of Ajrak? 

Ajrak textiles display elaborate geometric designs made with natural dyes such as indigo and madder. These patterns are applied to fabric using precise wooden blocks. 

What type of fabric is utilized for Ajrak printing? 

Ajrak is made using a delicate fabric called "malmal" or "mulmul" cotton. 

Here are a few tips for spotting a genuine Ajrak saree from Indian Tesoro:

  • Indian Tesoro has brought the Ajrak print a special saree for their customers. If you look into this saree, you can see the problematic and colorful designs that can be generally block-printed on the fabric. The prints must be symmetrical and calmly distributed throughout the saree.
  • Our Ajrak sarees are normally crafted from cotton or silk fabric. It is a soft material that drapes well and falls neatly across the frame. The cloth has to be lightweight and breathable, but robust enough to resist the wear and tear and tear of day-by-day use.
  • The border of an Ajrak saree is frequently simply as complex and colorful because of the print. The designers of Indian Tesoro complete the border properly and it ought to be flippantly symmetrical. 
  • Our hand-woven Ajrak sarees are recognized for their vibrant and wealthy colors. The colorings must be lightly dispensed across the saree and must no longer seem dull or faded.
  • Ajrak sarees are meticulously crafted, and the sewing must be of high best. 
  • Ajrak sarees are a labor-intensive craft that calls for an amazing deal of talent and craftsmanship. One can choose the Ajrakh saree for its craftsmanship consisting of unique printing, calmly spaced and properly finished borders, and crisp folds from Indian Tesoro.
  • Check the label or the care commands to ensure that the saree is made from wonderful fabrics and is suitable for ordinary wear.
  • Take an observation of proper Ajrak sarees to get an idea of what they seem like. Compare the saree you are comparing to actual examples to become aware of any discrepancies. Ajrak sarees are considered works of artwork.

Conclusion :
In summary, the Ajrakh print saree is an image of India's rich cultural background and unequaled craftsmanship. Dating back four thousand years, this traditional hand-printing technique continues to fascinate enthusiasts around the arena.The particular technique concerning natural dyes, resist printing, and hand-carved wood blocks guarantees that every piece is a masterpiece. Brands like Indian Tesoro have showcased the long-lasting appeal of Ajrakh sarees as a representation of sophistication and heritage, cherished with the aid of style fanatics and connoisseurs.

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